Maxie, Bobby, Family, and Friends 2007-2008 in the Philippines



Coming To America

For my Maxie, My love, My soon to be wife, My Dream Come True

Coming to America
Coming to America
The Land of the free, The land for you and me!

I wake up every morning
Your words are very warming
I love you baby, I LOVE YOU BABY
There’s never just a maybe

I wake up every morning
But you’re really not here, yet
I wake up every morning
Are you ready to climb onto that jet?

My heart’s been yearning
My Soul’s been searching
My Spirit’s always soaring
I’m done with my exploring –
I found you found me

You’re coming to America!
You’re coming to America!
Our land of the free
Our land with so much beauty!

Climb on board
And watch your step,
Sit down and rest your pretty little head.

Climb on board
And dream of me,
Just dream of me.

Wake up, Get up
Its time to go
Step off that jet,
Don’t go too slow

Look up, look down
Do you see me?
Look who you’ve found!

My arms wide open
My heart pounding hard
Holding back my tears
Letting go all fears!

I love you baby, I really do!
I felt you deep in my heart
I knew it from the start

And now, You’re here in America
The land of the free
You’ve landed in America,
The land for you and me!

You are my dream come true
You've traveled across the big blue sea

I really do love you, I really do!
You are my dream,
My dream come true!

I love you now, I love you today,
I love you forever
What more can I say?

I love you Baby
With all my heart and soul
There are no Words that can say
There are no Words that can convey
The feelings, the emotions, the expressions every day
of our love that continues to grow
here and now, I think you know,
I truly love you, I truly do!

For Maxie Love From Bobby

Sailing across the deep blue sea
Looking for my Maxie!
Do you see her? Do you hear her?
I feel her heart I hear her voice, I see her beauty from inside and out!
She is beautiful, all beautiful to me
I love her so, I have been dreaming of a woman just like her,
And now I have found her across the deep blue sea
Oh Maxie, Oh Maxie, Where is my Maxie, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!
Oh Maxie, Oh Maxie, I see you waiting on our Mandaluyong Rooftop
With the Full Moon Shining and the stars are twinkling with your smile and laughter
And your heart so full of love for me and you.

I do love you Maxie with all my heart!
I love to laugh with you
I love to listen to you with your sweet sexy voice
I love to hear all you have to share from your heart and soul!
I love to gaze into your eyes and admire your beauty inside and out!
The Lord has made an angel for my eyes, my heart, my soul, for me!

I love to touch your lips with mine,
I love to hold your hand with mine,
I love to touch and caress your soft soft skin
From head to toe and all in between!
I love you Maxie I really do baby!
I give to you this emerald ring for eternity,
I give to you this green rose of pure love,
I give to you my heart and soul!

When your feet are tired,
When your back is sore,
When you feel you can't climb anymore
I will carry you baby,
I will carry you on my Back
All night and all day

When you feel blue
When you feel lonely
When you feel you just can't go on,
I will LOVE you like no other can love you
I will care for you like no other can do
I will love you Maxie, its really true!

Oh Maxie, Oh Maxie
I do love you
Baby, it's true!

January 2, 2007
Thoughts of love
For Maxie, From Bobby

Interesting Facts About The Philippines

National Flag
"Lupang Hinirang"
Patriotic Song
"Pilipinas Kong Mahal", "Bayan Ko"
South Sea pearls
Philippine Eagle
Milkfish (Bangus)
Arabian Jasmine (Sampaguita)
Angsana (Narra)
Fan palm (Anahaw)
Nipa hut
Barong and Baro't saya
José Rizal

Merry Christmas 2007

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Eternally - Happy Birthday Maxie! 3-31-09

You bring a smile to my face
You warm my heart like never before
You inspire me to be the best I can be
I pray for you each and every day

I love the scent of your hair
Like a green rose sent from heaven above
I love the stroke of your touch
Like breaths of refreshing everlasting love.
Our devotion, our emotions, and all of our commotions
No matter how many oceans away
Together or apart,
You are always my dream come true,
You always melt my heart!

How can I live without you?
Your beauty is undeniably
Like none other here on earth,
Your laughter, your humor, your perspective, your intelligence,
Your passion for love, caring, and singing
I cannot live without
There is no doubt
You are my one and only
I love you, I adore you,
I want you forever
I love you forevermore!

Inspired by and written for my Maxie, my Baby Koh
My Dream Come True!
All my love I give to you, forever and evermore!
~Your Bobby~
March 31, 2009

Sunday, August 24, 2008

July 2008 Visit to Northern Philippines

Mac Mac Lets Bobby play his guitar
Maxie and Bobby upstairs at Cesar's and Josephines home!

This visit we stayed in Manila, Angeles City, and Baguio City.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Who Killed the Pig?

Now, who is whose paparazzi?

Just having fun taking each other's photos!


Visiting Camiguin Island!

We missed the ferryboat, so we shared this small boat with three others across the sea. As the sun was setting, we actually saw dolphins jumping in front and behind us! That was so exciting! I actually thought they were mini whales! Oh, by the way, NOBODY wore life jackets!

Map of Camiguin Island. We stayed at the Tia Beach Resort.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Crystal Springs Pool

Sing to me Maxie!
I love you baby!

Snacktime at Crystal Springs!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Photos from July 1-26, 2007

Maxie, Bob and little one makes three!

First day in Cagayan De Oro meeting Maxie's Family!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Maxie and Robert - July 26, 2007

Cagayan De Oro Airport - Waiting for my plane back home - hoping and praying the next time we see each other is at the atlanta airport.

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